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Advertising Rates

      Double Truck (two full pages)   $600
      Cover Page (outside back cover)   $450
      Full Page   $400
      One-half page   $250
      One-quarter page   $175
      Column inch    $10
      Business Card   $35
      CLASSIFIED    $2.50 per line
   ($5 minimum)

Additional Color

(consistent with color per issue $50 per page for spot color)
Process Color $100 (includes color photos of eyes, hair, etc.)
Composition charges (based upon current rate) $25 per hour
Photographic charges (based upon current rate) $25 per hour

We offer a SPECIAL called an advertorial story for advertisers who have an ad run four (4) consecutive times. The advertorial is a story about your business which is more than a business review. A photograph is included with the story. The purpose of this type of story is to make a further connection with the public regarding your company and either the owner of the company or its employees. This helps to create more of a personal aspect of what the company is about.