The Friendly Newspaper Since 1978

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The GUSHER newspaper has been in operation since March, 1978, and is known as “The Friendly Newspaper.” Today, the paper is operated out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was started in Glenpool, Oklahoma. The GUSHER newspaper is named because of Glenpool’s oil related history. The GUSHER honors the history of the world famous Glenn Pool oil field that started the Oklahoma oil boom on November 22, 1905, when oil was discovered on farm land owned by a Creek Indian woman named Ida E. Glenn. The Glenn Pool oil field went on to create numerous oil-related companies. The GUSHER honors those individuals who helped develop the oil history for the area. Some of those honored include Harry Sinclair and J. Paul Getty made their first millions at the Glenn Pool. It has been indicated "that more money was made from the Oklahoma oil boom than the California gold rush" and helped earn Tulsa the nickname "Oil Capitol of the World". “The Friendly Newspaper” prints only “good” information. We do not report on crimes, murders or robberies. What we do print has everything to do with stories that include local people, small companies, and information regarding the neighborhoods and the city.